Hello and welcome to my website, if you enjoy nature and wildlife, I think you will find images that will make you smile. I consider myself a wildlife photographer not a nature photographer, I say that because most of my work is with animals, furred and feathered, I do photograph landscapes and flowers, but not very much. The images on this site are not for sale, they are for you to look at and hopefully enjoy. I'm not a professional photographer, as I tell everyone this is just a hobby that has gotten out of control. I hope that as you look through the galleries that it gives you the desire to pick up your camera and go to a spot that is special to you and record your own encounters with wildlife. It doesn't have to be some place like Yellowstone, it can be a local park or your own backyard. Some of the bird images on this site were taken in my backyard. The important thing is to just get out there, you can't see the critters if your not out there looking.

If you like this website please tell your friends. If you don't like something about it please tell me.  email, natureguy@cox.net

I send out a new photo or two every Sunday, if you would like to be put on my photo list just email me and let me know, email, natureguy@cox.net

Note: All of the images on this site whether furred or feathered, are of wild and free ranging animals.

In memoriam, Jack Mitchel 1942-2010 Thanks for the "shining times". I miss you buddy, you changed my life.

Photo of me by Gary Bird